Monday, 7 March 2011

Givenchy tames Full Night creature in gold chains

A LookBook in Givenchy loud jungle sounds
 Boohoo ! today here in coventry it’s a sunny day with sun shinning so bright.On looking outside into the sun  , a day without a cloud in the sky makes me think of flowers attracting butterflies but Givenchy ‘s black panther is staring at me with all the fear of night.The Givenchy limelight scene at fashion bloggers post is unlike the day today out here.

However , Givenchy ‘s Autumn/Winter 2011 ready to wear collection is out onto the stage of Paris Fashion Week .And on came panther in black outfits with great features of athleticism but the gold chained collar  hints at essentially tamed and not wild .But still panther’s movement makes us to think of something majestic. I remember a poem “ The Panther “ where Panther is powerless and caged . The movement of powerful strides cut short into small round circles and I guess the gold chained collar perhaps more in control.So not to  fear ,sit comfortably for the panther is not going to pounce on you . 

The powerful creature came on in full night in silky black shirts and black pencil skirt . In some outfits made in sheer black fabric we embellishment  with panther theme applique  .Some paired with shinning black jackets and some with black knitted jumper with gold chain around the neckline and wrist either controlling you or meant to be an alternative to jewellery.

There the Panther goes into the bush of iris and starts fading out ultimately and the scene gets more black and dark .The scene is total black now with sheer tight pencil skirts worn under velvet or leather skater skirts.Even  in jet black costumes we could see traces of panther theme in the form of shapes used in stitching that reminds of sharp teeth of panther or the panther ears protruding out of the hats. Too much layering in style . Sheer fabrics that look like oraganza ‘s and silks   layered under furs or leather bomber jackets.

 Until all turns out to  be florals in purple with round neck jackets . From black sheerness Givenchy tries to fiddle with sheer gold pencil skirt like preparing to throw the night away into bright yellow outfit  that cuts through like very bright sunny day.The yellow kniited cropped top has iris motif in round on the arms. The scene from strength of athlecticism ends into very feminine and elegant.
 Givenchy  a-LookBook  Autumn Winter 2011-12

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