Tuesday, 8 March 2011

DIY series : Unlike Givenchy Panther Shirt

Blogger Celebrates International Year of Forests, 2011
 If you thought that gold chained panther jumper that made me all calm and collected after seeing  Givenchy ‘s Autumn Winter Collection was going to stay tame ,you had another thing coming.
I been more engrossed in visualising an untamed black creature.Going bit further with this thought I tried making a wild motif illustration which can suit easily on any black tee ,black shirt or may be even black skirt.

In DIY series my blog readers can try this blogger ‘s illustration anywhere on tee or shirt inspired from Givenchy ‘s Autumn Winter Collection 2011-12 . Not necessarily against black you try out it in your own colours.You can dab in paint or try more of your craft skills in patchwork or embroidery .

So a paint  , a brush , a needle and a thread listening to Balle Balle Radio was all it took.I have tried a base of paint on fabric and then for bit neat finishing tried a quick running stitch with needle . Brown was bit more natural choice for me to celebrate the forest year but I ‘m also into an idea of black against white , orange against black or neon on black …. You can think of colours as long as you want to .

The pattern layout is of larger byte so you can reduce the size according to your outfit . For oversized shirt this layout is perfect but if you want multiple effect as Givenchy look alike shirt then you got to reduce it into smaller size and place the pattern to fill the area whatever way you want to do horizontally or vertically as shown in Givenchy shirt which is horizontal and in one of jacket pattern is vertical. Take your time for the pattern is really going to make your style stand out.

Make sure you don’t stain the clothes you are wearing so do google craft blogger ‘s advice on using fabric paint and carefully go through the instructions in sewing blog for running stitch if you want to try exactly as mine .Don’t get bothered by random remark of your boyfriend as they can’t see girl’s concentrating more anywhere else than on them. Now I think we all ready for a GO ! …..DIY Givenchy  Shirt ….all the best ….
An illustration by Ruby
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  1. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion weeks on my blog, Thanks