Sunday, 13 March 2011

Jewellery and Fair Trade Link

Bloggers eyes on Sustainable Jewellery 

“Naturally beautiful “makes you feel good isn’t it ?

So think about the ethical jewellery made out of raw materials that in no way have any negative impact on earth resources and still are so fashionable and funky. From time to time you must have noticed I do blog about sustainable fashion even though I am not promoting the motion of eco –friendly products and also I am not a team member of any fair trade association that produces goods in  an ecologically and socially responsible form.

 Fair trade I actually think about when I see any beautiful piece that is distinctive , original ,desirable and  yet natural. I am blogging about such conflict free handmade bracelets today  that are made out of vegetable ivory or seed of palm trees. The fashionable pieces make me to say “ oh these bracelets stands out as a little bit different “ …” so unique so young“ The cycle behind its making is so interesting and so natural . The dried seed is hand died and assembled into a string to adorn the wrist organically.So simple is the process of sustainable jewellery but style is so funky and trendy .

Beads tied in a string ,
They are coloured yellow ,orange ,purple ,blue and pink .
The beads on my wrist are ready to clink.
Ethical fashion makes me think ,
How jewellery and fair trade link.

 Sustainable Jewellery beads  are actually seeds or nuts of palm tree .

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