Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fashion Blogger Scribbles a Design Idea

Ruby's Illustration.
Constantly developing creativity on my blogsphere is like a passion for me now . Here is a quick filler of  illustration I made the other day .At the moment I am not too sure how to progress with my blog its just a pondering phase really where fashion and style not only posted in there utmost finished way but may be something raw like my illustrations appear to be . Few illustrations that appear like a copy of rubbish magazine featuring jam packed illustrations that want to be out of the paper and be part of fashion outfit. Buying just luxury clothes is not me anything that can be recreated and looks nice and good on me will also do great for me .The lookbook blog is entirely full of my musings and the ideas of what I really think . Just with some ideas running in my mind that evolve somewhere from clothes I have seen I try to jot down in an illustration . Here is the LookBook of filler illustrations from the pile of papers I keep using from my other half’s papers for his printer ha ha …
by Ruby 

The LookBook 
-     Ruby
scribbling  her design ideas

 If you wish to download you can download free from Download Page of The LookBook Blog

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