Thursday, 31 March 2011

Illustrations and Fashion

LookBook Of Illustrations
 Drawing and talking of fashion industry is now my common routine at my fashion blog the LOOKBOOK . Fashion illustration is known to be a strong point of consumer driven industry of fashion . But just wondering amidst meetings ,managing emails , handling phone calls how the creative directors or fashion illustrators actually make most of time or hands on their skill when most of time they are dragged in management .

I was just taken by illustration used as part of marketing campaign. As a fashion blogger I find fashion illustration quite interesting it’s a story of what to design ,what to wear , what people wore or what they look like etc. etc. Fashion blogging and fashion illustration coming together in the LookBook . In my LookBook I think I do enjoy blog fillers in illustration . Here are few of my mini skirts illustrations .I am not a fashion illustrator but just a fashion blogger embracing fashion illustration in the LookBook sphere . Hope you will enjoy it and like to share with many more . Feel free to discuss anything in this fashion blog.
 Prada's Marketing Campaign Illustration.
 Illustrations By Ruby 

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Fashion Blogger Scribbles a Design Idea

Ruby's Illustration.
Constantly developing creativity on my blogsphere is like a passion for me now . Here is a quick filler of  illustration I made the other day .At the moment I am not too sure how to progress with my blog its just a pondering phase really where fashion and style not only posted in there utmost finished way but may be something raw like my illustrations appear to be . Few illustrations that appear like a copy of rubbish magazine featuring jam packed illustrations that want to be out of the paper and be part of fashion outfit. Buying just luxury clothes is not me anything that can be recreated and looks nice and good on me will also do great for me .The lookbook blog is entirely full of my musings and the ideas of what I really think . Just with some ideas running in my mind that evolve somewhere from clothes I have seen I try to jot down in an illustration . Here is the LookBook of filler illustrations from the pile of papers I keep using from my other half’s papers for his printer ha ha …
by Ruby 

The LookBook 
-     Ruby
scribbling  her design ideas

 If you wish to download you can download free from Download Page of The LookBook Blog

Pamper to recreate Fashion Outfit

 The LookBook recreates little taste of late Mrs. Beetons Needlework.
The lookbook fashion blogger confesses of getting attracted by facsimile edition of Mrs. Beeton’s needlework . Living in modern age and tasting elegant Victorian era can make anybody to jump in joy specially if you have interest in crafts of needlework. I am not talented fashion enthusiast nor specialist in fashion . Mrs. Beetons book is of immense talent . Such books of talent pamper to share in blog posts on regular basis .Fashion blog readers who are in touch with my official web the lookbook info have seen in my today’s fashion post a design idea inspired by mere one needlework instruction of Mrs. Beeton. For if you have missed it no need to worry for its just one click away to browse . Click here to check out Needlework Art for today in fashion of its own .

In this part of my fashion blog post I am just blogging instructions to follow for scallop needlework I have used in my design idea for a neckline. I have made a pattern in scallop stitch for a round neckline as well as for any other style wherever it fits really. This design idea is available for free download from my lookbook blogspot which you can use to recreate your old top or dress with round neck or different version .

To prepare a scallop stitch normally its best to take thick thread count . I prefer two or three thread counts and then going through the trace in short running stitch and just filling it up with simple chain stitch. I tried keeping thin scallops so that single chain stitch fills it up. So if you want to try it out let me know by posting comments on the lookbook. Recreate your top or dress by following these steps.

Step 1. Trace the outlines in short straight stitches or running stitch.
Step 2. Keep the corner stitches particularly short.
Step 3. Fill the space between the outlines with chain stitch.
Step 4. Keep following the simple two stitches instructed above .
Step 5. Your pattern is ready to rock.

Remember these are just the instructions for scallop stitch and not instructions for transferring the design on the cloth. For more technical details its best to Google it .

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blogger rejoices to navigate the playful side of city

LooKbOOk of Holly Fulton A/W R-T-W 2011-2012
Rain ! Rain for some its fun and for some gloomy.... overall another day here in Coventry . Blogger rejoices  another blog post  in continuity to my earlier post on The Lookbook Info

For those who are new here for them here is the link for official fashion site .

I have still yet to fully digest and express my feeling of “  Rejoice “.Holly Fulton’s cityscape made me to navigate all to the playful side of city . Her 
 Ready to Wear collection for Autumn Winter 2011-12  have interesting stuff to talk about particularly  the wide leg pants.I find  Holly  Fultons trousers interesting to share with my lookbook blog readers ,a style of fashionable 1970 ‘s that are cut wide  with full round hem . The winters are yet far off  to try wide leg pants which are already in in the spring summer season. There's no need to wait until warmer weather to try out the comeback trend of seventies. 

Two wide leg trousers in particular from Holly Fultons are in a way glorifying the style of  commercial shape  .The  red lippy  print against aquamarine background  in wide leg trouser is teamed with beautiful pearl half sleeve top and fur handbag . The second piece in matching  turquoise top with navy cityscape printed wide leg trouser is  an exclusive piece with absorbed beaded neckline in  black jewels makes it perfect for going out occasion. The overall appearance is quite feminine but with funside in it.

In my favourite bit her snake skin dress in turquoise with metal rivets around the neck and hem and intricate ruffles at the edges of the sleeves and hem is quite exclusive . A black dress with ruffled armhole and hem is more an elaborate version of her art deco in mix of snake skin and metal studs.  Black straight skirt and full circular printed skirts are in full length alongwith few short length dresses and skirts.

A lovely piece of necklace in five crystal jewels with seven mirror human structures dangling reminds of another scene from city all in rush to reach somewhere. I personally find Holly Fulton’s prints phenomenal ,refreshing and unexpected  that made to jump with joy with little nostalgia . Here is a glimpse of her part of collection  in the LookBook blog for more checkout at The LookBook Info.
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Browsing for Spring Shopping.

LookBook Blogger having a head spinning off  e-zine  magazine hunting with an hour forward .My blog posting is short and  close. My limbs are alright but it’s just too many thoughts stumbling upon  and then fascinated by  Ready to Wear range of Elephtheria  - a ground zero spring shopping. I  warranty I am not lazy bum so here is a glimpse of  my sweet little  shopping hunt for today .

The prints are OH-LA-LA , I love the pastels and lovely individuality of roses in  all over print .I just got hooked by moss green top.The lovely vintage inspired rose print top with cotton bound edges looks quite unique than typical high street offer.  It is also available in traditional black  rose vintage print fabric.The straight neckline of the tops perfectly wide to emphasize the collar bone ‘s beauty. 

Another smock style top with satin bound edges in peach pastel shade looks ravishing ,it can be customised with any choice of fabric available from Elephtheria range of fabrics. All these tops are handmade and customisable .

I am just going to stop browsing as I have decided my spring summer top  which is Moss Green Smock Top from Elephtheria. And here its in my shopping cart and delivery is FREE !!! :)  go and grab your piece .

Here is the LookBook of Elephtheria Couture Tops from her site Elephtheria.

 Looking to browse for some more inspiration . More >>

Monday, 28 March 2011

Fashion comes and fashion fades but style remains the same

 Lookbook Fashioned in Corset.
Corsets been a fashionable key item of an outfit which has improved its technique of manufacturing ever since it came into existence. During 14 th and 15 th centuries corsets were lavishly ornamented with lace and jewels .
.Corsets or stays were not only worn by women but also children and men .By the early 18 th century whalebone was being used extensively and the improvements in moulding and making techniques were laying foundations for 19 th century corsets.Between 80’s and 90’s corsets got combined with great beauty.Typical corset model were boned with whalebone and split cane,having forty or more supports working in conjunction with shaped pieces and corded side sections. The garments were exquisitely made from lined back sateen with heavy embroideries in coloured cottons or silks.
All was handwork and for each corset there were often more than 30 supports stitched.1910 brought a revolution of colour when Symingtons introduced snowy white corset.
White corset success led to F.G.Cox ‘s introduction to a corset tinted to match the rose in the garden and resulted into shade of peach called “ Blush White “ . These corsets laid the foundation for “ Tea Rose “ colour.By 1914 corsets were so long that fashionable women were finding difficult to sit down and with war time such fashion started declining .After armistice Symingtons once again introduced a whole new range of colours  butterfly blue ,Persian mauve ,shell pink and wave green and as trends keep rolling the cycle and seasons ....

"Fashion comes and fashion fades but style remains the same " - Coco Channel.Corset with huge fashion history with all its ups and downs still maintains its ultra feminine style .
 LookBook : Corset 1890
 LookBook : Corset 1858
 LookBook : Corset 1865
 LookBook : Corset 1870
 LookBook : Corset 1917
 LookBook : Maternity  Corset of 1890
 LookBook : Corset 1900
 LookBook : Corset Showcards of a late Victorian Era.
 LookBook : Corset Box top Labels
 For Corset History can contact me here on my blog.

Handbags from CAR BOOT dates 1930.

"I’m not retro lover ,but do get amazed at lovely things that say to me I am vintage… something special that just gets better with age."

In CarBoot exhibition i found rare vintage handbags that dates back to 1930 and other 1950 -1960.The handbag from 1930 have intricate embroidery work in little beads in blue,red ,yellow and green .The unique and extraordinary workmanship on this evening bag covers the entire purse, sides and bottom and it is all exquisite along with its strap.The frame need to be fixed from one side and have beautiful glossy shine on entire frame and clasp. The frame is straight and right, opens and closes with a gentle snap.The interior is in satin lining.

The other two handbags are perfect summer bags  in crocodile skin dating between 1950-1960 . Dark chocklate brown and black crocodile embossed  bag from 1950's .Both handbags are in perfect condition with metal frame and clasp .The single carry handle sits on top of the bag. . The inside is lined withblack satin and there are open slip pockets lined with satin fabric. No markers to identify the manufacturer.

Friday, 25 March 2011

The LookBook of Anonymous Artist

LookBook Spots an Anonymous Artistwith WoodArt on a Tree
Its not an art exhibition or art studio I been to but just been out for my normal walk in War Memorial park ,Coventry .There while walking  I came across one big tree cut down with few wood carvings done on it by some anonymous figure. I am not art expert or know much on wood art but just like art in any format so stood there admiring the art on a tree and just thought to share about it with my blog readers.The artist behind this art work can be a lover of nature or maybe someone who specialises in designing and making art on wood. The art images looks like inspired by nature with depictions of insects and flowers.The art displays couple of bugs been carved then from there the artist elaborated a bug and leaf pattern.After that leaf pattern the artist seem to be flow fully in his imagination where everything is blooming surely artist is taken by spring here with so many flowers overlapping each other and then a large butterfly pattern looks stunningly artistic.By now artist behind this art on wood knows what he is upto and carves a beautiful pattern of leaves and stems adorned by large butterfly.Look at the detailing on leaves like veins looks how much effort and hard work involved in creating one leaf.Then from there his imagination takes the form of some human face with long hair and characteristic features of a man  to me it appeared more like dumbledore really but its whatever way you want to imagine this unknown artist.

I had a good walk and a moment of art out of blue for me became a bloggers delight to share it with my blog readers.The photos taken by me might have not done full justice with the artwork on tree as tree as well at a height for me to frame them into my phone camera .