Friday, 25 March 2011

The LookBook of Anonymous Artist

LookBook Spots an Anonymous Artistwith WoodArt on a Tree
Its not an art exhibition or art studio I been to but just been out for my normal walk in War Memorial park ,Coventry .There while walking  I came across one big tree cut down with few wood carvings done on it by some anonymous figure. I am not art expert or know much on wood art but just like art in any format so stood there admiring the art on a tree and just thought to share about it with my blog readers.The artist behind this art work can be a lover of nature or maybe someone who specialises in designing and making art on wood. The art images looks like inspired by nature with depictions of insects and flowers.The art displays couple of bugs been carved then from there the artist elaborated a bug and leaf pattern.After that leaf pattern the artist seem to be flow fully in his imagination where everything is blooming surely artist is taken by spring here with so many flowers overlapping each other and then a large butterfly pattern looks stunningly artistic.By now artist behind this art on wood knows what he is upto and carves a beautiful pattern of leaves and stems adorned by large butterfly.Look at the detailing on leaves like veins looks how much effort and hard work involved in creating one leaf.Then from there his imagination takes the form of some human face with long hair and characteristic features of a man  to me it appeared more like dumbledore really but its whatever way you want to imagine this unknown artist.

I had a good walk and a moment of art out of blue for me became a bloggers delight to share it with my blog readers.The photos taken by me might have not done full justice with the artwork on tree as tree as well at a height for me to frame them into my phone camera .



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