Friday, 13 May 2011

Delivery truck story lookbook bloggers delight

Its not horror or suspense . Its full of fun and spice . Discover a journey of interesting guess with the lookbook blogger .

Inside the delivery truck of High Street Fashion

Online sales are rising WHY ?

The lookbook blogger is always stumbling here and there to know whats happening in fashion industry. With this constant motive we discover the secrets of online estores reason fordoing fairly well than high street stores. Why estores are earning more , if you own e commerce store then this is for you  to know complete etail story check out here

E store sales up by Delivering Relevance

Lookbook blogger investigates a relationship.

Its a relationship between two links that of fashion with almost same result . If you are fashion lover and obsessed with fashion then i am sure you will make all the effort to know the story of this strange relationship which the lookbook blogger investigates on . To fully read the story click here

Blogger detects an interesting Relationship.

Saving to spend extra on Fashion

How to save to spend little extra on Fashion. If you are looking for ways to save some more money to spend on fashion then click here to read

Saving to spend extra on Fashion

Monday, 2 May 2011

Subscribe to The LookBook Info's You Tube Channel

The LookBook Info is happy to announce its You Tube Channel. Here you can subscribe to the videos related with How to Style and few other fashion stories. The LookBook Info   , fashion blogosphere link to its channel is here.

The LookBook Info  channel

Summer in Check Tartan Scarfs

Apart from daily teaching class of styles i have taken off with this post

Engaging Tartan Summer Fashion Scarfs

Royal Wedding Dress Revealed

Royal Wedding Dress - Something more feminine was visible in Sarah Burtons design . Click here to read more about

Hands in making of Royal Wedding Dress