Monday, 28 February 2011

Fashion Blogger sit and stare the Limelight.

Dolce and Gabbana with stars small and bright.
 I don’t sit and stare stars ,
studded and sequenced in silver light,
sparkling and twinkling in the sky.
But I sit and stare the limelight ,
Its stars small and bright ,
came on stretchy dresses ,
In Black and white ,
floating in chiffons that are pink and light ,
stencilled in  yellow heels that are so bright .
marked on clutches are stars small and bright ,
came on dangling earrings to wear on the party night .

ehhh  i am not a poet so don't get mistaken by my little rhyme .Its all a story of thoughts trying to dig deep into the fashion print scene at Dolce Gabbana Autumn Winter 2011 SHOW.

 It all started with Dolce and Gabbana star prints for collection for Autumn/ Winter 2011-12 . All types of celestial objects bombarding in my mind from far far away teeny weeny stars to evening star . I have nothing to do with nursery rhymes but could hear a faint twinkle twinkle . So that was it  ,thought followed thought , star followed star and I sit with my usual fashion bloggers bits.

Dolce and Gabbana ‘s primary prints are in stars ,musical notes and animal prints which are sewn in sheer fabrics like chiffon and stretch fabrics in very obvious domain colour of stars black and white to sweetness of pink and optimism of yellow.

The looks are styled with eighties mod wearing trilbies as they walk into limelight in flat brogues and pointed heels. Not just the flat brogues but pinstripe trousers and waistcoats is a style stripped from menswear into womens . Its mix of style and interestingly paired with sequinned or colourful blazer some huge and some right upto waistline  .

Openwork fabrics always display sophistication and elegance so is the dresses in black lace with see through authority factor.Gold clutch and dresses in beautiful crystal work suggests expensive moment  . The necklines are more into oversized  bow tie style traditionally speaking a delight in clowns outfit which further assures the feast with presence of yellow polka dotted flat brogues at Dolce and Gabbana show.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bloggers delight from Milan Fashion Week.

Versace ' s couple of Gold buttons on one hip .

I  am going through a pleasing sensation that says to me -  “ Share this !  “ “ Share that! “ . It’s one of the blogger’s delight phase , I understand where you want to share every bit of the subject with your blog readers . However , if we are here ,its definitely because of our interest in fashion and style.
Lets talk about fashion and start with blogging for today ….
Buttons are captivating the autumn / winter style. From colours to just Gold .

Yes , now its turn of gold buttons unlike coloured Prada Buttons enslaving  Milan Fahion Week .Here in my bloggers post it’s the Versace buttons that ‘s going to not only please the senses but also the looks. Start saving your buttons for winter for they can make a big difference in your personal style.

What colour is  strikingly attractive to you for dressing up . Many would readily go for traditional Blacks . If you are not convinced with the answer lets try imagining though tastes and likes are meant to be different .Anyhow imagine …..

“ Black with Gold Buttons .”

How does that sound to you ? Something stunning ain’t it ?

Day before yesterday , in my bloggers post , big buttons were palpable definition in dresses from Prada and today a sophisticated statement in bit more buttons from Versace.
I feel buttons are ruling as Wow Factor in Milan Fashion Scene. With start of Versace ‘s Autumn / Winter Collection 2011-12 we could easily see that how Gold Buttons make a difference when added to a dress or heels. A statement of mere simple style that sounds big.

Another interesting point in Versace ‘s dresses was the graphic tulip print  climbing up the asymmetrical dresses . The print on one side winding up in black or white dresses in mustard tulips and purple leaf motif , on other black dress just a mustard pattern or white tulip detailing on the neckline  and some emerald motifs crawling around .This floral motif is said to be Gianni’s favourite  and is kept less. I like arty stuff and wondering if I could create a pattern that is downloadable for anyone who can convert that pattern onto their dress in embroidery or even in paint etc. etc . .Keep in touch for the announcement when I am able to make such things available on bloggers space for blog readers something DIY but truly creative .

 I am bit enthralled about few pieces from Versace ‘s collection . One is box pleated black leather skirt paired with fitted leather jacket with side opening  and other is knee length black leather coat paired with peep –toe stiletto leather boots. They are for sure my favourite ones .

 In case of long dresses the white dress with long front slit makes me to say in my simple fashion terminology – “ oh that’s really lovely !  I like it “ 

huh huh... The off one shoulder with gold button details on the shoulder and at waist in pocket flaps .There are some off shoulder dresses ,a dress with feather hem and a navy multi stap dress with long train.

Sexy Square Backs 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Prada Girls sweeps in Red Buckles and Giant Buttons.

Buttons and Buckles a big Winter Statement .

 On viewing Prada ‘s Autumn / Winter ready to wear 2011-12 collection  all the elements that are giving hint for winter styling are some buttons and buckles ,snakeskin and furs and some more shimmer sequins.

So if you have such things lying somewhere in your wardrobe or room keep them safe for later in the autumn you can mix and match into your own personal style .

All that you have to do is pick up your low waist dress stitch few big buttons near the neckline in a vertical row of  four ‘s or fives  and wear buckle around your waist ( bit lower than usual )by simply inserting into any matching cloth  and make your own belt .
Another option is to use your giant buckle on your clutch  and pair it up with snakeskin or suede shoes. If you don’t have buttons or buckles don’t worry try styling it up by stiching a panel of fur on your dress vertically and pair it up with snakeskin clutch.

Prada ‘s Autumn / Winter ready to wear 2011-12 collection  is dominated by low slung belt over the low waist dresses or coats .Box pleated or tweed dresses  and  the coats have oversized buttons some in the middle and some towards bit further side .Further on the runway we see winter styling in  fur collars and lapels. The shimmers in giant sequins in burgundy and mustards.

 Aviator Style glasses ,slim fitting knee high boots are some of the things we are looking for autumn/winter trends.
A Fashion Report from a- lookbook Blogger.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Room on the Woman

London Fashion Week with Prints On Prints.
 Are you inside ? In your Room ? If yes look around the objects of beauty .What do you see ? Some interior decorations – wall coverings , vase , porcelain ,ceramics etc. Now what if you put them on ? Before you start thinking how is that possible lets see how Mary Katrantzou has put the room on the woman. Her latest collection for Autumn / Winter 2011 is all about objects of beauty specially ceramics. Inspiration is ceramic art.

A complete checklist of wearable separates .

The lampshade skirts and tops that are constructed into body plates captures the attention because of the structural opulence .The collection have everything skirts ,trousers ,leggings that can be fitted into personal style very easily. Most of the stylist work on the strategy of either layering or mixing the combinations. For reference have a look at Gok’s clothes roadshow specially episode shooted in Birmingham where the stylist have tried to create layering impact by doubling pleated skirts from high street store River Island .However the seem philosophy seems to work in Print On Print collection produced by Mary Katrantzou. Complete look layered all together by pairing dresses over long sleeved tops ,cardigans and jackets .

Print on Print dominates the whole collection . The Lampshade dress print reminds me of tea cosies and mosaics. Prints in red ,pink ,turquoise ,mint, yellow ,purple , moss green , vermillion and more are very rich motifs. Talking of just me I have seen such shades in VERSACE prints .The motifs used have connection with rooster and eggs , English country and ancient traders ,floral vase and fish vase ,porcelain and ceramics , objects and objects from interiors .

Apart from Peplum skirts there are also dresses that are voluminous and full in silhouettes .A collection of luxurious prints with plently of wearable  separates .

A Fashion Report from a- lookbook Blogger.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Only women can carry it.

London Fashion Week 's Glamour continues.

Finding a long dress collection made more easy with breathtaking drama from Roksanda Ilinic ‘s A/ W 2011 collection. Elegantly floating long dresses in silk are perfect for the evenings. Beautifully drapes around the body contours in colours that contain nature in it. Royal Blue , scarlet and bronze dresses pinned beautifully  to give that perfect fit to the moment of carrying it as true piece of femininity. No messing plains are so enchanting .

A Fashion Report from a- lookbook Blogger.

Shimmy Shimmy

Christopher Kane 's  Plastically Accessorised Saving.
 Shimmy Shimmy
Grandmother‘s pastimes rocking on the runway at London Fashion Week.From House of Holland to Christopher Kane all inspired by fantastic crochet knits of typical granny style patterns. Knits that are so lovely , warm and cosy displayed in Christopher Kane ‘s collection for A / W 2011 .I would categorise his collection in three sections – Crochet , Black crepes and Cashmere and shimmers. The collections is defined  to be inspired from by pencil cases and stationary.
If you have been regular on my blog by now you must be aware of my fondness for knits so lets start off with it as the runway started off with crochet.
Isn’t it lovely to think how the crochet actually progresses from one loop on mere hook.Loop by loop it grows artfully into a piece .Christopher ‘s crochet outfit patterns are from very familiar line of patterns of bedspreads or afghan blankets or granny style throws.Actually its knit from very basic pattern which most of the crochet beginners learn – the very first square. Here the afghan square is shaped into very simple pencil skirts ,cardigans  and straight dresses in navy ,greens and browns. Like Henry Hollands collection had some prints very similar to chrochet patterns similarly Kane also been inspired by these patterns which are used as prints on leathers.

 Crepe And Cashmere 
Some black & Navy ...
This is  a favourite bit in Christophers’s collection where black crepe and cashmere dresses are highlighted with strips of plastics. These plastic strips look like ripples of colours floating in liquid  creating colourful waves in green ,blue or red and pink .Plastic strips are used as trims to define the necklines ,hem and shoulders . The marbelled liquid scales are used as collar details , pockets and hemlines. Also few pieces have plastic detailing to enhance the waistline or midriff. The liquid panels running vertically or horizontally into black outfits appears a different version of jewellery embedded within the outfit . Accessorized offer within the garment.Some with gathered nets keeping the silhouettes very simple .

The see through dresses in iridescent sequins is too shimmy shimmy and plastically accessorized. The plastic strips once again bisecting the wet look
outfit  .
Some plastic trims as collars and some as pockets clearly marked on the outfit .
 Beautifully bisected  .