Monday, 21 February 2011

All the smartness and warmth we need in Winter Clothing

Matthew Williamson A/ W 2011 at London Fashion Week
Part 1 : 
Its not Pass the Popcorn day of being couch potato . London Fashion Week has too much going on and I have barely started it yet for the collection I am about to blog has so many beautiful pieces and don’t feel good to leave any of the piece uncovered even though I am not officially signed to write about LFW haha ….

For couple of days I been blogging on London Fashion Week where we saw brilliant command on combinations and creativity out of all unexpected zone’s of life. However , at the first glance of Matthew Williamson A/W  2011-12 collection was immediately a quick journey of memories for me .On seeing the wrap skirt in red and grey knit and the big petalled embroidery over the short black dress  I was thinking of  the time when I started working for knitwear company. On the very first day of my interview I was given a task to make a patterned design for a sweater on a graph sheet and for one or two minutes I was totally blank and had no clue what to do with graph sheet for I never ever had designed anything on graph paper before apart from drawing bar charts in my maths class. Anyhow something clicked to me and I was successful enough to impress the employer who was qualified designer from Germany himself running knitwear industry in India  ….. I still don’t understand if that was talent within me  ha ha …. sounds like blabbering for I am not working as designer for knitwear presently but designing onto graph sheets for knitwear company did existed in my employment history till the time I went to university to study further.

Sorry I have to interrupt myself here for my story about it might take good chunk of blog that already has too much to share about. So coming back to Matthew Williamson and his A/W collection 2011. Lets start with his knits first for I must confess I like knits and knitting like old granny lol . The knitwears  are cut into oversized jackets to slim fit jackets. The knee length knitted coat with roll up sleeves and shawl collar is unique to me as it has all that smartness and warmth required in winter outerwear. Can’t miss to talk about the mini length wrap skirt in knit with perfect finish in black belt and offcourse the border which is very much required to add weight in knits to stay straight .The colour pallete in red , black and grey is knitted into quite geometrical pattern of  squares and triangles running around in the form of all over design.
Wrap Skirt
Ready to Wear Kniwear from
Matthew Williamson 
 Autumn / Winter

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