Thursday, 3 February 2011

Translate your shirt into Spring 2011

Shirts and some more shirts .

I am quite passionate about shirts and they always have a definite place in my wardrobe . The best thing about shirts are that they can be part of everyday life whatever season is.I must confess my obsession for shirts.Plain or printed embroidered or textured ,bright hues or subdued tones they are exactly what my wardrobe always do have .It can be good gift idea for anyone whose closet always have a place for shirts.I find shirts a great piece of fashion to invest in.Its something with definite use whether you are going out for an interview , for normal office routine or just in the house or going  out it can  fairly be translated to the requirement of the occassion.

I was tidying my wardrobe and came across a lovely piece of masculine shirt that made me to blog about shirts today .Also i remember the days when sometimes i used to match my dad's or brothers shirt with a pair trouser to wear .I am sure many of you must have done something like that !

We all are familiar with Paul Smiths signature style of masculine - feminine womenswear .

Lets take a look into his Spring Summer 2011 collections and get some idea of how to style in a shirt or how to carry a shirt this season.

 Here are images of Paul Smith's very masculine style women's shirts in most sort out colours of black and white apart from  rich colour pallete of indigo ,navy ,forest green and purple .

Leaf printed chiffons ,tangerines on trend ,polka dots worn with cropped trousers just above the ankles with jaunty necktie's .Not to miss their hairdo and cat -eye sunglasses.

 Last time i blogged about Christopher Kane's Neons and tints of neons can be seen on the sole of heeled mules in Paul Smiths collection. So if we try to put two things together Neons are in . Hence make sure you have something in neon in your wardrobe this season. Loads of tailoring yet sexy .

Here are images of completed tailored look where trousers are cropped and belts are thin.Now we have an idea how to carry our shirts for this season .

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