Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bloggers delight from Milan Fashion Week.

Versace ' s couple of Gold buttons on one hip .

I  am going through a pleasing sensation that says to me -  “ Share this !  “ “ Share that! “ . It’s one of the blogger’s delight phase , I understand where you want to share every bit of the subject with your blog readers . However , if we are here ,its definitely because of our interest in fashion and style.
Lets talk about fashion and start with blogging for today ….
Buttons are captivating the autumn / winter style. From colours to just Gold .

Yes , now its turn of gold buttons unlike coloured Prada Buttons enslaving  Milan Fahion Week .Here in my bloggers post it’s the Versace buttons that ‘s going to not only please the senses but also the looks. Start saving your buttons for winter for they can make a big difference in your personal style.

What colour is  strikingly attractive to you for dressing up . Many would readily go for traditional Blacks . If you are not convinced with the answer lets try imagining though tastes and likes are meant to be different .Anyhow imagine …..

“ Black with Gold Buttons .”

How does that sound to you ? Something stunning ain’t it ?

Day before yesterday , in my bloggers post , big buttons were palpable definition in dresses from Prada and today a sophisticated statement in bit more buttons from Versace.
I feel buttons are ruling as Wow Factor in Milan Fashion Scene. With start of Versace ‘s Autumn / Winter Collection 2011-12 we could easily see that how Gold Buttons make a difference when added to a dress or heels. A statement of mere simple style that sounds big.

Another interesting point in Versace ‘s dresses was the graphic tulip print  climbing up the asymmetrical dresses . The print on one side winding up in black or white dresses in mustard tulips and purple leaf motif , on other black dress just a mustard pattern or white tulip detailing on the neckline  and some emerald motifs crawling around .This floral motif is said to be Gianni’s favourite  and is kept less. I like arty stuff and wondering if I could create a pattern that is downloadable for anyone who can convert that pattern onto their dress in embroidery or even in paint etc. etc . .Keep in touch for the announcement when I am able to make such things available on bloggers space for blog readers something DIY but truly creative .

 I am bit enthralled about few pieces from Versace ‘s collection . One is box pleated black leather skirt paired with fitted leather jacket with side opening  and other is knee length black leather coat paired with peep –toe stiletto leather boots. They are for sure my favourite ones .

 In case of long dresses the white dress with long front slit makes me to say in my simple fashion terminology – “ oh that’s really lovely !  I like it “ 

huh huh... The off one shoulder with gold button details on the shoulder and at waist in pocket flaps .There are some off shoulder dresses ,a dress with feather hem and a navy multi stap dress with long train.

Sexy Square Backs