Friday, 11 February 2011

Go Scarfy with Sustainable Fashion

Some Mulberry Silk Scarves from International Spring Trade Fair .

Spring Trade Fair is over for this year but my story about  it has just started so take into account for some days i am going to blog on it .The reason for it is that there were so many collections from across the globe that are worth sharing and talking about.

I wandered and wandered from one hall to another and back and forth ha ha i wasn't searching for water like wanderer in the desert . There were lovely items from across the globe to look around and to know about .From small traders to big names all under one roof displayed there unique collections.

I must confess , I can't  talk in fashion language that intelligently as some do about sustainable fashion nor do i am aware of rules of this eco fashion philosophy but i can speak about  fashion in my very basic terminology " oh that's lovely ! " or " oh that's too tacky ! " . The items that leave some kind of impression in mind normally we talk about  ,the fashion that  gets vibration of liking , for the one we don't like we don't buy ... it doesn't sell for me despite of having connection with sustainable fashion behind it or despite of having something to do with 100% cotton or other plant fibers or protien fibers.

However , here i am blogging about some scarves and more which have some connection with sustainable fashion .In Spring Trade Fair i came across quite a lot of scarves made out of different types of fabrics some natural and some synthetic .On the stall floor  of trade fair there were some silk scarves . The trader described it as Mulberry Silk Scarves . More deeply on the label it describes " the ethical silk ,made from the cocoon of the silk worm after he's left home - for 100 % recycled living. " Scarves are with proper finishing at the edges and in lovely colours teal , pink , turquiose , purple , orange and lime .The two fold  floral motifs illustrated to wear it around the neck in wrap style or tie knot style plenty of ways to go scarfy .I like these type of scarves more  clean neckerchiefing style easy and smart style.
Hope these scarves not only add style in your personality but is also successful to spread its message of planet friendly environment.

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