Friday, 22 April 2011


The LookBook. Info has started the video section on you tube . Here is the link for YouTube videos of the lookbook.

Starting with mere experimental intro.

Here is jewellery show video of Elephtheria Jewellery range. 

Young Fashion Design Ideas.

I am not sure if my blog readers going to get impressed with expression I have brought in my illustrations or not for the legs look obese  eh !… but more and more intake of  take aways are rolling the entire UK into jumbo and mammoths place. Read More Here

Young Fashion Wear it Your Way

Men jewellery picking up sales.

  A bit on men’s accessories as I came across sparkling sales for men’s jewellery obviously more to do with young fashion but mature men can carry it too by putting some effort in carrying a statement that matches their age. Read More here

Men fashion forward with Accessory

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The LookBook of Best Dressed

Dedication to appearance needs sincere effort . In list of " Best Dressed " women is Princess Pignatelli . To read more click here

Dedication to be Best Dressed.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Womens fashion clothes from 70

Have you ever seen Love Story from 1970? If you have never seen, then you might be missing few hints of seventees fashion which is back in. Today the lookbook has tried to gather few fashion inspirations from 1970'S simple and romantic chic style. Its nothing other than just simple pair of tshirts with jeans.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and love to stay in tune with fashion then just click here to go through our LookBook editor and style in lovely tees .

Womens Fashion Hint from Seventies

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Royal Wedding Dress Interpretations On.

With main attraction  , A Princess Bride i got littled instilled with a thought to cover few randow wedding gowns as a tribute to fast approaching royal wedding . The seasons most hot news " Royal Wedding ". ...keeping that in mind i have tried visualizing Kate Middleton is diversity of wedding gowns. Not being a fashion expert i have tried to put up few wedding dresses in the official blog " The LookBook Info ". Undoubtedly the choice for such occassions is solely individual choice of the bride where she is the main attraction but no harm in looking around to have a glimpse in mind of your dream wedding dress . For fashionistas who are interpreting Kate Middleton's  wedding gown click here to read and have look in the lookbook of bridal wear.

Click here 

Royal Wedding Dress a craze among fashionistas.

Friday, 15 April 2011

eStore LookBook

I know it must feel like it's all been a bit "Oh look at this ? “ just for the sake of blog post but  the lookbook info is all about information and that is what I am posting it for.Here is a pieces of high end story that is a fashion news of 2011 e-Tail revolution.With news of many fashion designers looking to sell their products online under there own brand look version i got interested in exploring one of the estore and here is the report ,my own personal experience of browsing through images and images. To read more click here The LookBook of eTail Revolution 2011.

Fashion clothes online in fashion eStore

Young Fashion for S/S 2011

From main version to all most updated version here now though do make me to sink a little but then its all the matter of time factor. Too much of trawling through the work . Anyhow earler on i been blogging on young womens fashion and gave only 99 % to the collection of tops i had for today for i found a kind of convincing love for them but not complete 100 % love .The reason for that was something was missing for sure that took 1% off .To find out what made this lookbook fashion blogger to take 1% off the young fashion collection check out the official fashion blogging post . For that click here " The LookBook Info "

The collection is Hot and Young perfect for lovely Spring Summer 2011.

Young Womens Fashion – A Peppy Fashion Lure

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Falling wages and house prices

With little retail news and some more crazy outfits for Spring Summer 2011 The LookBook fashion blogger shares the delight with few images in this period of falling wages and house prices. For more check out the official blog post in The LookBook Info 

UK Retail Tills

Fascinators LookBook

With Royal Wedding news i thought best to quickly share few fascinators with the lookbook blog readers .Some big, some bold, and all beautiful fascinators.If you are looking to give a finishing touch to any special occasion then check out the fascinators post in the LookBook . To read click here

Not Pot Boiler of Haves or Have Nots

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lovely Printed Matter

A  few bits of pretty printed matter not on paper but prints on clothes. Prints lovely prints and they definitely allure to wish for this spring summer. Some in silk and some in georgettes and cottons. Flattering style for day and evening . On punctuating with right theme accessory you can rock in trendy look .The prints are in lovely shades of blue and grey to vibrant yellow and blue.

Peacock print motifs with little flowery pattern and leaf motifs against a base of lovely dotted circles or just plains. They just look charming with comfortable and chic silhouettes with some ruffles and glitter added in neckline. A wide range of choice available in few lovely prints.

Reply from The LookBook Blog Post.

Dear Fashion lovers and blog readers,

Sincere Thanks from The LookBook Info Team for all the support in official web as well as fashion blogspot.

Keep coming , keep sharing , keep participating . The LookBook for all the happening FASHION .........

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

LookBook Of Scarves

The LookBook Scarves.
 A random filler post about interesting range of lace scarves.Some are in prints and some in plains with lovely details of trims.Its summer time perfect for light scarves to be worn in any style of choice.

Such accessories are actually for all the year round by wearing or tying in multiple ways.

Check out Winsome Summer Scarfs LookBook Part2
and wrap up your  summer in lace scarves .

click here for Scarfs LookBook Part1

Monday, 11 April 2011

The LookBook of Fashionable People

The LookBook Info earlier on did announced its new category. " People " . To read on this category click here  in the official blog The LookBook Info . This category is all about

  • Fashionable people
  • Featured Best Dressed ,Best Looks etc.
  • Are Fashionable
  • Are Trendsetters
  • Will remain among people who have influenced the way of dressing and looks.
  • The LookBook of Best Looks-Hedy Lamarr.

    Saturday, 9 April 2011

    Fashion Bloger's delight for BBQ Looks

    Blogging LookBook of BBQ Day
    Its a kick start for summers with soaring of temperature in double figures .Its nice sunny day here in Coventry perfect for BBQ feast . Earlier on i did posted few Barbecue dresses and Barbecue looks in the official fashion blog of the lookbook.  All the looks are simple with key shapes and style. Featuring simple crisp white to colourful punctuation . The fashion outlets all over the country are full of beautiful sundresses perfect for barbecues or going out .

    The inspirations are offcourse Seventies Chic ! the collection  reworks in retro silhouettes  with bold prints and strong colour palletes . The t shirt dresses  that are just having right stretch and shape .The sun is out and a nice weekend to spend in comfy dresses. If you are going to host a barbecue feast or going to join bbq at your friends house and ready to get clothes choked in that BBQ odour then just enjoy your day in summer dresses with heel wedges and capture the grass in your jewellery accessory .

    Click here in the Lookbook for BBQ Dresses and BBQ Looks.

    Click here to check out

    Barbecue Day in the LookBook


    The LookBook Story of BBQ Smokey Looks

    Thursday, 7 April 2011

    pdsa is hosting a Vintage day .

    LookBook Vintage Fashion Announcement
      pdsa is hosting a Vintage day for three days in Cheylesmore shop in Coventry. All who are interested in buying vintage fashion can visit the pdsa shop on the following days.

    Friday- 15th April         2011-04-07
    Saturday – 16th April      2011-04-07
    Monday – 18th April     2011-04-07

    Address is  Daventry Road , Cheylesmore ,Coventry. For more Info Phone at 02476506106
     For more information click here in the lookbook .

    Looks For Men

     LookBook For Menswear 

     In the official blog  " The LookBook Info " earlier on i been talking about how i week after week concenterated only on womenswear and almost neglected menswear. With apologies in mind i thought its best to bring fashion blog post on menswear as well . Being inspired by looks for menswear collection i have gathered few looks in prints and checks . For more looks you click here
    " The LookBook Info "  as few looks already been posted in the fashion blog there  in menswear category which i started today only solely for this purpose .

    Work this seasons trend for summer 2011 with the lookbook of Menswear .The looks  are modern approach to a staple .
    Menswear Spring Summer 2011 Trend Alert by the LookBook.Get fresh looks and revitalise your wardrobe.

    Checks are pattern trend for Summers 2011.
    For more looks you click here

    Wednesday, 6 April 2011

    Return of Maxi Skirt Trend 2011

    The Lookbook of Summer Maxi Skirts
    With double figure temperature I just thought to create few looks . With the traditional category of looks I have stumbled upon few maxi skirts . The trend is back and in varied style and different length size to choose from . All you have to remember is to keep the length long enough so that it stays beow knees . Rest your choice as well as what length suits your body type. In the looks I have tried to blend the prints with tops that are more in matching colour .So is the combination of accessories which are in matching pallete .The looks are simple and flirty .Very comfortable and perfect for summers. Long length skirts always adds length to your appearance and tries to create slim optical illusion.

    Maxi skirt a fashionable trend for summer 2011. For Looks checkout here

    Tuesday, 5 April 2011

    Straight off the Bat , got Prints Scribbled

    The LookBook of Prints
    From official web “  The LookBook Info “ I am now straight onto the dashboard of my fashion blogspot. So not both the print illustrations were everyone’s tastes as can’t see my fashion blog readers or blog followers sharing it with there friends. Don’t be loner ! For the ones who were able to take risk of following me for them I am straight here with my friends from “  The LookBook Info “ for day out together on fashion blogspot.

    Here are my prints posts in countinuity from “  The LookBook Info “. I am straight off the bat ,got inspired to draw these prints. Its not atextile catalogue of prints where every other print is kooky enough to wish for.
    In Print No.1 I tried to pitch the florla motifs .Its spring summer where every high end fashion catalogue to high street fashion catalogue is blooming in floral prints. Something flowery like lotus or daisies I was able to create my own print illustration. Red and yellow ,Blue and yellow are florlas blooming in the lookbook blogspot .
    Print No.2 is a pattern of kidney shaped paisley motif that resembles a mango often used in Indian art or “Boteh “of Iranian style. Imports from East India Company in the first half of the 17 th century made paisley motifs popular in the Europe and by the 19 th century European production of paisley prints increased specially in Scotland where paisley pattern were produced in about 15 colours.

    Soon from woven patterns paisley patterns were printed. Anyhow by now you have got bored of fashion history of paisley prints lets go back to my paisley print illustration .Unlike the multi colour pattern my print is in four colours , in cobalt blue ,royal blue ,medium blue and white .It has leafy motifs to florals in single to double mango motif.
    Both prints are available for free download with introducing your friends to the
    “  The LookBook Info “ . For creative outfit here is a piece of advice from Ruby , the  fashion blogger from the Lookbook ….Try using cotton mousse or organza sheet or laser heat transfer paper that easily glide through your inkjet printer. Once you have printed your motif onto a sheet let the ink dry for liitle more than an hour and then peel off the backing sheet and get sewing to your top or dress .Don’t forget to  “News It Out  “ here with blog readers.

    Monday, 4 April 2011

    Fashion Blog Announcement.

    Hi the lookbook blog readers . It is a kind of announcement to let you know that at our
    official web The LookBook .
    I am starting a new category about the
    “ People “. This category is actually about fashionable personalities involved in front of the scene as well as behond the scene . Some good,bad and ugly phases in making a fashion a trend or part of style.This category is influenced by the people or I must say fashionable  men and women from past and present that influence the mass. The personalities we want to look like .
     As the lookbook is a fashion blog and about the looks I hope the stories about the beautiful faces , superlative bodies ,spells of cinema and showing off will be entertaining .Lets explore together the essence of glittering world of high fashion of the beautiful people who wore the beautiful clothes whether famous or not it don’t matter so far it captures the look ,entertains and amuse everybody on the two of the fashion blog “ The Lookbook “ and “ a-lookbook .blogspot “  . Help to improve the blog by participating in the conversation and sharing your stories anything related with fashion ,style and looks.

    Keep in tune with me 

    at  Official Blog 
    The Lookbook “ 

    as well as Fashion Blogspot 

    Friday, 1 April 2011

    Talking of Prints

    LookBook in Print
    Just got inspired by the prints I saw earlier on by Style Bubble .Perhaps it has something to do with  the exploration to look for something interesting . Blogger’s delight definitely a key force behind.

    Talking of prints makes me think of prints of Marni . The Marni Fall 2011 collection is paradigm of prints that are outstanding art of  symmetrical design pattern. The overall geometrical prints in beautiful shapes teamed with statement jewellery on dresses look awesome. The prints seems like inspired from deco art motifs  in black and white , green and black ,pink and blue , green and blue and so on , bright contrasts.Geometric prints is one of the Hot Item. Here are few of the LookBook Marni print  finds ,all extremely fasionable though one  of the  prints sound bit tacky to me . Geometric prints in general are immediate eye catchers. Such prints are quite bold in style .