Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fashion Bloger's delight for BBQ Looks

Blogging LookBook of BBQ Day
Its a kick start for summers with soaring of temperature in double figures .Its nice sunny day here in Coventry perfect for BBQ feast . Earlier on i did posted few Barbecue dresses and Barbecue looks in the official fashion blog of the lookbook.  All the looks are simple with key shapes and style. Featuring simple crisp white to colourful punctuation . The fashion outlets all over the country are full of beautiful sundresses perfect for barbecues or going out .

The inspirations are offcourse Seventies Chic ! the collection  reworks in retro silhouettes  with bold prints and strong colour palletes . The t shirt dresses  that are just having right stretch and shape .The sun is out and a nice weekend to spend in comfy dresses. If you are going to host a barbecue feast or going to join bbq at your friends house and ready to get clothes choked in that BBQ odour then just enjoy your day in summer dresses with heel wedges and capture the grass in your jewellery accessory .

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  1. love the colours and bright you have chosen here !