Monday, 4 April 2011

Fashion Blog Announcement.

Hi the lookbook blog readers . It is a kind of announcement to let you know that at our
official web The LookBook .
I am starting a new category about the
“ People “. This category is actually about fashionable personalities involved in front of the scene as well as behond the scene . Some good,bad and ugly phases in making a fashion a trend or part of style.This category is influenced by the people or I must say fashionable  men and women from past and present that influence the mass. The personalities we want to look like .
 As the lookbook is a fashion blog and about the looks I hope the stories about the beautiful faces , superlative bodies ,spells of cinema and showing off will be entertaining .Lets explore together the essence of glittering world of high fashion of the beautiful people who wore the beautiful clothes whether famous or not it don’t matter so far it captures the look ,entertains and amuse everybody on the two of the fashion blog “ The Lookbook “ and “ a-lookbook .blogspot “  . Help to improve the blog by participating in the conversation and sharing your stories anything related with fashion ,style and looks.

Keep in tune with me 

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The Lookbook “ 

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