Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Straight off the Bat , got Prints Scribbled

The LookBook of Prints
From official web “  The LookBook Info “ I am now straight onto the dashboard of my fashion blogspot. So not both the print illustrations were everyone’s tastes as can’t see my fashion blog readers or blog followers sharing it with there friends. Don’t be loner ! For the ones who were able to take risk of following me for them I am straight here with my friends from “  The LookBook Info “ for day out together on fashion blogspot.

Here are my prints posts in countinuity from “  The LookBook Info “. I am straight off the bat ,got inspired to draw these prints. Its not atextile catalogue of prints where every other print is kooky enough to wish for.
In Print No.1 I tried to pitch the florla motifs .Its spring summer where every high end fashion catalogue to high street fashion catalogue is blooming in floral prints. Something flowery like lotus or daisies I was able to create my own print illustration. Red and yellow ,Blue and yellow are florlas blooming in the lookbook blogspot .
Print No.2 is a pattern of kidney shaped paisley motif that resembles a mango often used in Indian art or “Boteh “of Iranian style. Imports from East India Company in the first half of the 17 th century made paisley motifs popular in the Europe and by the 19 th century European production of paisley prints increased specially in Scotland where paisley pattern were produced in about 15 colours.

Soon from woven patterns paisley patterns were printed. Anyhow by now you have got bored of fashion history of paisley prints lets go back to my paisley print illustration .Unlike the multi colour pattern my print is in four colours , in cobalt blue ,royal blue ,medium blue and white .It has leafy motifs to florals in single to double mango motif.
Both prints are available for free download with introducing your friends to the
“  The LookBook Info “ . For creative outfit here is a piece of advice from Ruby , the  fashion blogger from the Lookbook ….Try using cotton mousse or organza sheet or laser heat transfer paper that easily glide through your inkjet printer. Once you have printed your motif onto a sheet let the ink dry for liitle more than an hour and then peel off the backing sheet and get sewing to your top or dress .Don’t forget to  “News It Out  “ here with blog readers.

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