Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Return of Maxi Skirt Trend 2011

The Lookbook of Summer Maxi Skirts
With double figure temperature I just thought to create few looks . With the traditional category of looks I have stumbled upon few maxi skirts . The trend is back and in varied style and different length size to choose from . All you have to remember is to keep the length long enough so that it stays beow knees . Rest your choice as well as what length suits your body type. In the looks I have tried to blend the prints with tops that are more in matching colour .So is the combination of accessories which are in matching pallete .The looks are simple and flirty .Very comfortable and perfect for summers. Long length skirts always adds length to your appearance and tries to create slim optical illusion.

Maxi skirt a fashionable trend for summer 2011. For Looks checkout here

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