Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Living ethical philosophy

Eco Chic Images of Imagination 

For those who been regular with my blog know that recently i blogged about sustainable fashion.From time to time many events do get conducted to educate people about sustainable living . Supermodel Erin O'Connor  been part of such cause of work to show how stunning ethical clothing can be.Even if you don't understand the fashioning in ethical you don't have to worry for nobody knows what Sustainable Fashion is ? According to Gucci 's Frida Giannini sustainable fashion is something that stand through test of time and Oscar de la renta terms it something that is created with traditional techniques.You don't have to be fashion expert to enjoy the images of imagination woven for Eco Chic clothes. The words " sustainability " , "eco " , "green ", " organic "or "ethical " do make us to realise our social responsibility towards keeping the ecological balance. However complicated the explanation is but simply opposite to disposable fashion.

Recently at Spring Trade Fair i caught up with few satin dresses that tells us that there are traders who continue to bring eco-friendly materials  and is part of growing trend philosophy.This summer if you are looking to spend a few more hours with the sun then here is a glimpse of few satin dresses that you can try in various styles. Wear it as ponchos or experiment them in your own style get connected with eco trend .For you i have tried to draw few of my illustrations though not very brilliant but good enough to get an idea. 

Very Gorgeous Satin Dress
 in Gold and Black print.
 Tuck it at waist with belt.
 Style it as Poncho.
 Perfectly styled for Evening 
 Wear it in any Style.

  Check out few more
images of prints and illustrations

 in Part 2 of the post.

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