Thursday, 24 February 2011

Room on the Woman

London Fashion Week with Prints On Prints.
 Are you inside ? In your Room ? If yes look around the objects of beauty .What do you see ? Some interior decorations – wall coverings , vase , porcelain ,ceramics etc. Now what if you put them on ? Before you start thinking how is that possible lets see how Mary Katrantzou has put the room on the woman. Her latest collection for Autumn / Winter 2011 is all about objects of beauty specially ceramics. Inspiration is ceramic art.

A complete checklist of wearable separates .

The lampshade skirts and tops that are constructed into body plates captures the attention because of the structural opulence .The collection have everything skirts ,trousers ,leggings that can be fitted into personal style very easily. Most of the stylist work on the strategy of either layering or mixing the combinations. For reference have a look at Gok’s clothes roadshow specially episode shooted in Birmingham where the stylist have tried to create layering impact by doubling pleated skirts from high street store River Island .However the seem philosophy seems to work in Print On Print collection produced by Mary Katrantzou. Complete look layered all together by pairing dresses over long sleeved tops ,cardigans and jackets .

Print on Print dominates the whole collection . The Lampshade dress print reminds me of tea cosies and mosaics. Prints in red ,pink ,turquoise ,mint, yellow ,purple , moss green , vermillion and more are very rich motifs. Talking of just me I have seen such shades in VERSACE prints .The motifs used have connection with rooster and eggs , English country and ancient traders ,floral vase and fish vase ,porcelain and ceramics , objects and objects from interiors .

Apart from Peplum skirts there are also dresses that are voluminous and full in silhouettes .A collection of luxurious prints with plently of wearable  separates .

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