Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Christopher Kane got highlighted by BFC Fashion Fund.

 Neons  Highlighted Christopher Kane 

Not just Colours but explosion of Colours exactly like those we see in neon markers which comes in a package of  six bright fluorescent colors , blue , green, yellow , orange  , pink  and white we often use for highlighting the text .But this was not in the case of Christopher Kane i hope he didn't use it for highlighting instead he used these colours a way forward by colouring the outfits  completely in neons in his Spring Summer 2011 Ready to Wear collection. Purpose behind markers is to get eye catching display and for Christopher it highlighted his career . Christopher Kane has won the BFC Fashion  Fund .

Here are few images of his ready to wear collection which is fabulous but some might not like to get noticed like candies in these pieces.These colours have more connection with Asian outfits as they have more colourful pallete .Not just the colours but few pieces in beaded motifs look like being inspired by Indian suits or asian culture.

Silhouettes  are very lady like and simple with round and V neckline mostly pleated and textured. The tucks and pleats are beautifully highlighted in contrasts of neon on neon or neon and white.

Congrats Christopher Kane ,you have done it . Keep it up.

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