Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How important is to get Fashionable on the inside too

How important is to get Fashionable on the inside too !!!

Life is too busy with work , home , family and so many things on the list to do . Can we really follow every single trend particularly the trends in lingerie .

Do you look forward for trends for lingerie with same curiousity as you do for your outerwear or outfits.Time to answer

How necessary is to follow the trends in Lingerie ?

On asking few friends i found that some don't bother looking for trends for lingerie so far they find their underwear is comfortable to fill the basic necessity but few do look for something that is according to occassion and tasteful .

So the  women who feel its  important to be fashionable on the inside too than just picking white or black plain briefs in packs of 5 's or 10's for them the main trends in lingerie for 2011 are :-

As no spring season is ever without a floral fashion so is this year . Floral lingeries are IN this year. They are available in floral prints ,embroidered florals and lacy flower patterns . These hottest trends in lingerie of heritage florals are inspired from vintage patterns and prints where every set of lingerie depicts the beauty and femininity in them .

Another trend you need to watch out for 2011 is " Animal Prints " As we all know 2011 is the year of celebration of forest so the theme in fashion is also picked from nature and forest.Animal printed lingerie are for those who want to stand out for these prints create daring and dashing looks .So this season if you are looking to boost your looks and wanna look bold so then try out an animal prints.Many bright bras and briefs are available  in high street stores .

Next for fun and flirty looks you can pick a lingerie in polka dots. Polka dots in blacks ,blues ,whites and pinks are great idea to cover the body with some flirty spots.

To your surprise if you are looking for sexy lingerie then its not Red. Spring summer 2011 is the time of some Purple Rain. Purple is deep and  mysterious ,its sexy and  seductive ,its passion and way forward to be chic.

Black are  favourite or definite set in wardrobe. Sheer blacks have always dominated the perfect choice in lingerie.So black is staying. The look sophisticated and sexy. You can spice up your black lingerie by picking a  your underwear with control panels built in that is in the trend now.

The main silhouettes you need to watch out for are :-
Retro Style.
Wrap Look

Remember longline briefs with control panels can add  bit newness to your underwear drawer .
Key Silhouettes in lingerie are :-
Lingerie  in Retro Style
Lingerie in Wrap look

These  are the trends for innerwear and i am leaving you to answer How necessary is to follow the trends in Lingerie ?

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