Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bright Shades screaming to be out !

Take your Brights out with you . Get Party Started ...

Have you ever tried listening to the conversation going on between the outfits inside the wardrobe ? I did ….now I am not crazy ! but its interesting to imagine it .

Guess what ? the other day I heard the conversation between my red dress and black dress. It seems like  my Red Dress  said , “ Even though I standout among other dresses in the closet still I am waiting for my turn to be worn. Why you are always partying and I have been out only once? "….
Though my starting point is bit late to share but it has something to do with today'story. Last Christmas  (i.e. 2010 ) i was in party with my work mates where only i was the one in red dress that I bought from H & M and majority of them were in black and more black and few in whites and beige. That means that when it comes to party many would readily go for black dress . That’s it from here the whole story started. I think that’s the inside story of every women's wardrobe.
My Red Dress  feels ignored. The moment I opened my wardrobe to pick a dress for going out my red dress gave a look to my black dress ?
And Look at my black dress Smiling !

 I thought to sort out this conversation finally for this spring summer season .

“Oh ! no dear its not , its not that ! i don't mind wearing bright shades  " .Its just mixing myself with the crowd and trend . Being of Asian Origin our clothes have wide spectrum of colours and kaleidoscope in outfits.  I have too many Indian suits or sarees that are actually in variety of colours but most of time they are just limited to suitcase very rarely i wear them unless and until it is the demand of the occassion .I hope they are not  screaming to be out .

Wondering are colours ever so Bright ?

If you too have some bright Oranges or metallic blues in your wardrobe and they been moody with you for not been out with you then here is good news for you.Today is something very young and bright for you , for this season is going to be colourfully bold .

So get your party started with plenty of bright  alternatives to black dress.From tea dresses to cocktail glamour you can be way forward with  PPQ in bold and bright prints and craft cutting edges. Seems more fun and glamour in PPQ 's structured cocktail dresses in jewel bright colour or belted party frock .

Something is simply outstanding for those who want to Party Party Party.Dark Yellow Ochre and metallic  silk tapered  trousers , 70 style geometric top to scarlet belted frock with little detailing at the neckline and hemline looks effortlessly fab.

 Still if you think  bright is not
for you there is an awesome
option in some blacks with colored
 piping at the edges.

 For those who want to
stay within the boundary
of very traditional black dress
PPQ have few  lovely dresses
 in black this spring summer collection .

Don’t forget black wedges that standout in their gold glitter and embroidery Have carefree evening and more fun in Fez Hats .Enjoy your party.Let your brights out .

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