Sunday, 20 February 2011

Its not Circus Parade .

Clown Theme and Multi Hues 
 Louise Gray

Brings Youthful Street Style to dress up in overloaded combination of stripes , dots and checks . Dare to have Fun in your Personal Style then this is for you .
I am not watching a  Circus ! nor I am at any kid’s party then
where am I ?

Balloons are attached
as headdress , whistles are dangling earrings , streamers are attached
on clothes . Exactly these are the few things that gives instant impression
 of being at circus or
kid’s party that’s what happened with me
when I described everything related
 with clown theme
 to my man.
But its not that . It’s balloon party at LFW
in multi-hue unlike yesterday where
Maria’s single hue
casted spell in her
 floating collection .
The stage is all so
vibrant and full of fun
 - balloons ,streamers ,whistles .
 Yes its party !
its fashion party
 brought by Scottish Designer -
 Louise Gray at
 London Fashion Week.
The very name associated with Colourful shift dress and geometric embellishments or to be more precise the designer of the show called “ Get Some Stuff “ for S /S 2011. Her art of customising the textiles and use of party streamers is not new though . Following to keep the promise of youthful fashion once again Loiuse brought more fun and total party in her ready to wear A/ W 2011 collection .

The overload of textures , clashing of the patterns and dressing up in
primary hues inspires the personal
 style to experiment playfully.
 Checks , dots and stripes are
 beautiful patterns but haven’t
tried to dress up in it though
apart from my fancy dress bloomer . 

Creativity that is overloaded with
 mixing emphasis the joy in it but
how many will adopt it in real life is bit difficult to guess  at this stage. 

You got be bold , 
you got to be experimental ,
you got to be in love with colours
 and above all contradictory
to regular  i.e.Carefree –
 who cares the crash of
texture and shades  , wearing puffy contents
 and inflated straps to
express the joy involved in it.
We all at some phase has tried
 little bit  may be dot and
plains or checks and  stripes
or plaids and some more plaids ….
This autumn we have more
and more on plate .
Live up some fun , 
play it more than before . 

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