Friday, 18 February 2011

A reference to American Textiles

Looking back into culture and heritage has always been popular among the designers for inspiration  and among the masses for vintage collectables . The few collections in New York A / W 2011 –2012 made me to think of the time of arts tradition  where some put their skills into dyeing and colouring the yarns and some put their creativity into pattern designs. 

According to reviews Proenza’s 2011 A/W collection is a journey to Native American Culture - a reference from textiles and the techniques involved. A tour  to discover the relationship between traditional weaving and contemporary graphic collaborations of cutting edge modern element . Proenza’s latest collection is a  story of  changes of blue hues to golden from layer to layer of an American Sky that sheds its warmth over the plains and valleys  against the black background .

Lets roll the bobbins loaded with weft yarn from side to side between the warp yarn and repeat the geometric patterns of traditional American blanket over tapered trousers ,figure hugging sheath dresses and skirts. It was seemingly more what we think of geometric print when it come to  motif of traditional American Quilt  from head to toe . 

I liked the jacquard knit sweater which minimises the look into simple one piece when paired with patterned loose fitting trouser tucked in with belt. Hand painted geometric patterns on velvet dress looks perfect for the evenings .

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