Monday, 28 February 2011

Fashion Blogger sit and stare the Limelight.

Dolce and Gabbana with stars small and bright.
 I don’t sit and stare stars ,
studded and sequenced in silver light,
sparkling and twinkling in the sky.
But I sit and stare the limelight ,
Its stars small and bright ,
came on stretchy dresses ,
In Black and white ,
floating in chiffons that are pink and light ,
stencilled in  yellow heels that are so bright .
marked on clutches are stars small and bright ,
came on dangling earrings to wear on the party night .

ehhh  i am not a poet so don't get mistaken by my little rhyme .Its all a story of thoughts trying to dig deep into the fashion print scene at Dolce Gabbana Autumn Winter 2011 SHOW.

 It all started with Dolce and Gabbana star prints for collection for Autumn/ Winter 2011-12 . All types of celestial objects bombarding in my mind from far far away teeny weeny stars to evening star . I have nothing to do with nursery rhymes but could hear a faint twinkle twinkle . So that was it  ,thought followed thought , star followed star and I sit with my usual fashion bloggers bits.

Dolce and Gabbana ‘s primary prints are in stars ,musical notes and animal prints which are sewn in sheer fabrics like chiffon and stretch fabrics in very obvious domain colour of stars black and white to sweetness of pink and optimism of yellow.

The looks are styled with eighties mod wearing trilbies as they walk into limelight in flat brogues and pointed heels. Not just the flat brogues but pinstripe trousers and waistcoats is a style stripped from menswear into womens . Its mix of style and interestingly paired with sequinned or colourful blazer some huge and some right upto waistline  .

Openwork fabrics always display sophistication and elegance so is the dresses in black lace with see through authority factor.Gold clutch and dresses in beautiful crystal work suggests expensive moment  . The necklines are more into oversized  bow tie style traditionally speaking a delight in clowns outfit which further assures the feast with presence of yellow polka dotted flat brogues at Dolce and Gabbana show.

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  1. love the bags so much :)

    want to hear your thoughts on beso