Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bingo at London Fashion Week.

Tweeting the good old days of grandmother .

Taking the flow of combo’s
from last post I am now talking of another combination that is no less than working on the pieces of jigsaw puzzle .

Granny , Bingo ,Crochet  and budgerigars  in no way go with each other if we see in real sense , too contrast to each other .

Have a look how  Henry Holland  in his A / W 2011 –12 Collection has done it all seem to be perfect connect FOUR .

Get ready for his
clever magic .

 Alphabet tights by Pretty Polly.

Tweeds in Candy colours.
 The tailored line in tweeds goes one step ahead in  subversion style of suit into almost cycling short lengths. Tweed dresses with pearl bead  around the neckline and seams makes it absolutely girls favourite  

Pearl detail around the seam lines of the tweedy dress that flirts to fullest.

Pastel shades ,the classic red lips  and 60's leads every girls heart to excitement .
Tweeting the good old days of grandmother .
Budgies  printed dress ....
Prints inspired from grandmothers pastime look impressive. 

The crochet  print from good old afghan blanket is my favourite bit .
 Navy leather Jacket and oversized scarf speaks the fun language of style.  
You got to love  House of Holland for its amazing combo .  Truly a Granny Chic .Cheers to all grandmother's passtime.

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