Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Shimmy Shimmy

Christopher Kane 's  Plastically Accessorised Saving.
 Shimmy Shimmy
Grandmother‘s pastimes rocking on the runway at London Fashion Week.From House of Holland to Christopher Kane all inspired by fantastic crochet knits of typical granny style patterns. Knits that are so lovely , warm and cosy displayed in Christopher Kane ‘s collection for A / W 2011 .I would categorise his collection in three sections – Crochet , Black crepes and Cashmere and shimmers. The collections is defined  to be inspired from by pencil cases and stationary.
If you have been regular on my blog by now you must be aware of my fondness for knits so lets start off with it as the runway started off with crochet.
Isn’t it lovely to think how the crochet actually progresses from one loop on mere hook.Loop by loop it grows artfully into a piece .Christopher ‘s crochet outfit patterns are from very familiar line of patterns of bedspreads or afghan blankets or granny style throws.Actually its knit from very basic pattern which most of the crochet beginners learn – the very first square. Here the afghan square is shaped into very simple pencil skirts ,cardigans  and straight dresses in navy ,greens and browns. Like Henry Hollands collection had some prints very similar to chrochet patterns similarly Kane also been inspired by these patterns which are used as prints on leathers.

 Crepe And Cashmere 
Some black & Navy ...
This is  a favourite bit in Christophers’s collection where black crepe and cashmere dresses are highlighted with strips of plastics. These plastic strips look like ripples of colours floating in liquid  creating colourful waves in green ,blue or red and pink .Plastic strips are used as trims to define the necklines ,hem and shoulders . The marbelled liquid scales are used as collar details , pockets and hemlines. Also few pieces have plastic detailing to enhance the waistline or midriff. The liquid panels running vertically or horizontally into black outfits appears a different version of jewellery embedded within the outfit . Accessorized offer within the garment.Some with gathered nets keeping the silhouettes very simple .

The see through dresses in iridescent sequins is too shimmy shimmy and plastically accessorized. The plastic strips once again bisecting the wet look
outfit  .
Some plastic trims as collars and some as pockets clearly marked on the outfit .
 Beautifully bisected  .

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