Monday, 31 January 2011

Ditsy Florals Flirting this Valentine .

Ditzy Floral print is the description of Spring Summer 2011 dress .

Its  ditsy  floral prints ? Ditsy floral prints are back where every individual flower 's presence is so dense or scattered that we think of too many flowers . These flowers scatters all over the fabric to hug around beautifully to flirt and bang on trend.These prints give a vintage feel and are very feminine.

Flowers are  always symbol of beauty whether single or in bunch and always associated with Spring. Spring a time of new life and something linked with nature so floral patterns or prints have always inspired designers from time to time and so is this year.
Not just the designer even a blogger like me got imbued with spirit of drawing something floral . Here i have posted few floral prints i designed sometime back and managed to put them together in photoshop today . 
All depict my find full of things that are bright and beautiful like a spring. Hope you like them , take a look and let me know .

No springs been without floral print trends. In the past the florals been abstract ,faded or digital.This year they are more ditsy.Spring 2011 also is likely to be seen with some unusual flowers apart from traditional flowers.
Spring florals prints are on blouses ,dresses ,jumpsuits,shorts and even on totes. You can wear them as embroidery or lace as well as.

Summer outfits and florals go hand in hand no exception this year in 2011.I have spotted some stylish floral dresses .Checkout these romantic ditsy floral dresses left to right is  Miss Selfridges Roseprint dress £40 ,Sophie tea dress £69 and  floral dress from Warehouse £25 . All  are banging the trend with freshness of spring .

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