Monday, 24 January 2011

Tops in stripes

Stripes for summer 2011

Dominant Navy and White Stripes for 2011.

The other day at Debenhams all mannequins near the entrance were in their classic white and navy stripes.So with this visual inspiration in mind for stripes for summer 2011 i am back with few outfits in stripes that you might love to track in your wardrobe .Though its classic navy and white other alternative colours like black and white or red and white can also be seen on shopfloors .

Among my favourite stripe top and real bargain hunt for me.

Dominant Navy and white acrylic blend stripe knit top with tank top shorts .
                                                              Scoopneck for summers .

Its really a bargain  for £ 21.57 . 

This top can be worn with wide leg jeans as well  and funky coloured heels .

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