Sunday, 23 January 2011

Transitional Fashion 2011

Its January yet the weather is crispy and cold ! 
Getting vibes on new trends from window shopping.I am thinking to track my wardrobe with seasons look and get ready for Spring Summer 2011 trends.But before that lets talk about  Transitional Fashion  .Its that time of the year when we have to find a couple of outfits which are essential but yet a personal style.Just because new lines added on shop floor speak heavily of spring summer 2011 doesn't mean all have to set out to buy summer clothes.
Choosing certain pieces during this part of month can extend value of your clothing which will easily transition into greater looks for summers ahead.So transition your wardrobe from winter to summers .
To begin with lets look for a piece with multiple style ideas.
Check out my picks for transition .
Classic point collar dress shirt  ,plain roll sleeve shirts , sleeveless double pocket shirt  can prove to be simple but yet stylish between the time.

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