Monday, 21 March 2011

Wild Stencil Costume Jewellery.

The LookBook Costume Jewellery
I am having a look at wild stencil costume jewellery. A zoo day for me really !

West Midland Blogger blogging the lookbook blog post , a sunny morning .

For those who been regularly in touch with my website the LookBook and its blog must have noticed that I present almost the same theme during my web post or blog post which gives more images to look and information to share . However , there is no hard and fast rule it has just followed few write up series in this manner . So in the same series of the designs inspired by animals ….. I find this jewellery creations surrealistic and lovely designs with features of elephant ,tiger ,lion , penguin,pig ,fish and many more animals completes the look with some personality of its own.

I love the combination of wild large pendants and cute studs .Its not just the animals from wild but also pet animals are developed beautifully into pieces of jewellery .The theme that lives around us in nature or at home with us is boldly seen in this costume jewellery.I am not big collector of any costume jewellery but anything catches my attention or makes me to say “ Wow look at this “ might back the idea of buying or adding in wishlist. Also the attraction point makes bloggers delight to share it with blog readers through blog post. Here are few more images in the Lookbook to take a look and feast your eyes ,make your mind to buy ,add or drop the idea of having them. After all it's the matter of personal tastes and likes. The pieces of costume jewellery are made in brass and steel combinations , crystal clear material in three colours black ,purple and mirror and keeping the sustainable trend for more social global factors in plywood and amazing jewellery in walnut . Every pieces have its attitude and mark its style. Animal Jewellery Jumping Out Here Read More >>

 The team behind these designs consist of jewellery designer  Adam And Tina alongwith young creative team and guest designers . The simple things around us inspires them to work hard ,they pick design ideas from the childhood memories and create funky and playful jewellery . The LookBook  with zoo collection on fine sunny day . Trust you had a good time ..........

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