Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Shades to keep the Sun Away.

Blogger spots the sunglasses for summers.

Sunglasses of 50's ,60's and 70's are back.
Medium frame sizes and coloured glass or coloured lens is HOT trend for Spring /Summer 2011.
From couple of my past blog post it seems like i am longing to be in Sun. It may sound bit odd to talk about "Sun or Sunny day " when its been grey and cloudy here in coventry .But sun is not distant subject in any bodies mind as summers are approaching.However its not far when sunglasses is going to be part of our accessory for summers.And also after taking a peek at these sunglasses or shades i have made my mind  to grab one for the sunny days. 
Superbranded glasses do interest me but i don't chase them as such provided i find other good options which are equally as astounding as designer shades.I look for an interesting design or what suits me no matter from where it is.For at the end of the day its all about carrying your own personal style.And prices are definitely then less than super brands.My pair of Sunglasses have to stylish ,elegant with timeless frame.

Here the collection of glasses are quite feminine and sexy with beautiful replacement arms and bridging nicely with support of nose pads.Fendi's colour blocked shades sets the trend of novelty with coloured glasses and matching frame rims. Something like dark and sensual  to have fun with.

The trend seems to be more refined nothing like indulging into decorations or embellishments ,minimal the better and more classy.

More About Sunglasses trend on my official Website.

  The sunglasses blog post have collection of shades that i was able to come across only but i am sure there are more interesting styles and designs got to investigate more designers for it .I basically managed to approach these with very basic checklist of accessories that says to me - " I want these for Myself  " quite excited ha ha ...I just spotted them and  as my bloggers post was ready with it to share . This is not all bloggers wishlist is not only limited to buy the stuff or get around to spot the things .Bloggers do look forward for equal input from blog readers as well to share.So do Share your comments ,views on what ever excites you.

 This season's edition of TheLooKBooK all been about quality and simple designs that add substance to the personality of the wearer.All the hard labour is well in spotting and sharing it on blog.
 The functionality and lightness are key elements in these sporty shades.  Offcourse superb finishing not to miss.I personally love bare minimum and more comfortable fit . Read More

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  1. Tinted lenses are great. Loving those red/purple ones.