Monday, 28 March 2011

Fashion comes and fashion fades but style remains the same

 Lookbook Fashioned in Corset.
Corsets been a fashionable key item of an outfit which has improved its technique of manufacturing ever since it came into existence. During 14 th and 15 th centuries corsets were lavishly ornamented with lace and jewels .
.Corsets or stays were not only worn by women but also children and men .By the early 18 th century whalebone was being used extensively and the improvements in moulding and making techniques were laying foundations for 19 th century corsets.Between 80’s and 90’s corsets got combined with great beauty.Typical corset model were boned with whalebone and split cane,having forty or more supports working in conjunction with shaped pieces and corded side sections. The garments were exquisitely made from lined back sateen with heavy embroideries in coloured cottons or silks.
All was handwork and for each corset there were often more than 30 supports stitched.1910 brought a revolution of colour when Symingtons introduced snowy white corset.
White corset success led to F.G.Cox ‘s introduction to a corset tinted to match the rose in the garden and resulted into shade of peach called “ Blush White “ . These corsets laid the foundation for “ Tea Rose “ colour.By 1914 corsets were so long that fashionable women were finding difficult to sit down and with war time such fashion started declining .After armistice Symingtons once again introduced a whole new range of colours  butterfly blue ,Persian mauve ,shell pink and wave green and as trends keep rolling the cycle and seasons ....

"Fashion comes and fashion fades but style remains the same " - Coco Channel.Corset with huge fashion history with all its ups and downs still maintains its ultra feminine style .
 LookBook : Corset 1890
 LookBook : Corset 1858
 LookBook : Corset 1865
 LookBook : Corset 1870
 LookBook : Corset 1917
 LookBook : Maternity  Corset of 1890
 LookBook : Corset 1900
 LookBook : Corset Showcards of a late Victorian Era.
 LookBook : Corset Box top Labels
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