Thursday, 31 March 2011

Illustrations and Fashion

LookBook Of Illustrations
 Drawing and talking of fashion industry is now my common routine at my fashion blog the LOOKBOOK . Fashion illustration is known to be a strong point of consumer driven industry of fashion . But just wondering amidst meetings ,managing emails , handling phone calls how the creative directors or fashion illustrators actually make most of time or hands on their skill when most of time they are dragged in management .

I was just taken by illustration used as part of marketing campaign. As a fashion blogger I find fashion illustration quite interesting it’s a story of what to design ,what to wear , what people wore or what they look like etc. etc. Fashion blogging and fashion illustration coming together in the LookBook . In my LookBook I think I do enjoy blog fillers in illustration . Here are few of my mini skirts illustrations .I am not a fashion illustrator but just a fashion blogger embracing fashion illustration in the LookBook sphere . Hope you will enjoy it and like to share with many more . Feel free to discuss anything in this fashion blog.
 Prada's Marketing Campaign Illustration.
 Illustrations By Ruby 

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