Thursday, 3 March 2011

Armani supplier of Tastefulness

 High thread count collection.
 The feel of that luxury and high quality start coming to your mind as soon as your eyes gets exposed to Armani’s Autumn / Winter Collection 2011-12 .

Fineness falls on limelight silk followed by another high thread count outfit which is delicate ,flared and elegant . I would say “Gosh ! its Simply beautiful , strong and unique “.

 Simply beautiful because of the feel involved in every piece , strong as every style symbolizes the strong feminity in it and unique for its modernity.

The plain ensembles from dark to soft tones of black ,silver gray to nude and peach whispered the elegance that only women can carry.The coats get flared right  from the waist and trousers are flared turn ups that ends above ankles. Bias cut skirts and voluminous lantern skirts stole all the comfort as the models walked in there stilettos.

 Where few jackets are seen short and fitted with darts before the waist then as it drops down the waistline all of sudden gets flared emphasizing on body contour there some jackets are as long as hip line or almost of calf length .Amidst  swing jackets one stiff collared three quarter length coat steals the scene with its modernity.Slim line and voluminous silhouettes all bit tasteful in silks ,organza and velvets.

Evening dresses came on with its intricate delicacy some ornamented and showy with gliterring shells and sheer flowy scarves with long fringe hems.Gold ,silver ,peach and pink  to nude tone all supplied with richness of quality.

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