Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cummerband and Baseball Caps In.

Miu Miu collection a checklist 
 I know there will be overpouring of photos , reports ,views  and just general Miu 's overwhelming bombardment on lot of online fashion portals .I wasn’t intending to add more to your internet surfing over the same  until I truly realised  that moments of show that can actually be interpreted to DIY series as well  in my blog apart from regular bloggers stuff .

However its Miu Miu Autumn /Winter 2011-12 collection , exaggerated shoulder dresses and coats  nipped at waist was a spectacle for audience to gasp and cheer at what woman want.

The Miu Miu dressline seems to be inspired from mid 20 th century  collar style called  peter  pan collars , a style more popular for young children though but look equally class on woman .Few white and tan orange shirt collars peeping out over the coats were also seen on the runway . 

The interesting mix of motifs scattered here and there on dress in embellishments captured my attention with an idea of converting an old dress of blown out proportion with something like that to revive . The dandelions ,lilies and daises I will be personally more keen at rather than on swallows which I can hardly see anymore chirping in the morning in my window ....think sparrows more a species of high concern now.

And if you are really determined to revive your any of the dress then Miu Miu trendline hints at use of big bows twisted into broad waist sash .These cummerbunds looks fantastic when worn with single breasted dinner jackets or for bit different  just simply wearing wonder boa around the shoulders with dress looks interesting style with giant matching clutch.

The colours  reminds me of my journey yesterday to redwood glade near milton keynes where the woods were dark and deep but filled with loads of organic colours . Miu Miu dresses came on in  hues of  tan orange ,brown ,navy ,grey and black  .

In my favourite bit was short sleeved cream sweatshirt with elastic band at hem worn more in uniform style with baseball cap and navy pencil skirt and two toned disco boots which covered the feet in glittering gold and silver under the normal matching shade .Overall everything a woman want .
 Miu Miu ready to wear hinting at fresh trends for more keep in tune with  fashion blogger 's blog.

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