Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lanvin's Metal Plates trend led jewellery on blog.

Fashion Blogger view - Metal Plates bloom into whorls of exquisite jewels
Just now I discovered a lot of exciting innovative designs of costume jewellery from Lanvin ‘s Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection and I decided to share it with my blog readers today. Though I don’t have an eye for costume jewellery or fashion jewellery but the particular pieces by Lanvin have stimulated my thoughts to whisper “Oh that’s so lovely! “

I can’t really differentiate the exact category whether a particular piece is under costume jewellery or a fashion jewellery for I am taking them  just a synonymous . Anyhow , distinctive piece of creativity always captures my thoughts and so is me mesmerised by exquisite pieces by Lanvin that stand out as boldly as any outfit is.

For me any piece of jewellery whether made of non precious or precious stone  will do so far I find something interesting about it.For me jewellery is not just a piece to adorn but strong enough to speak about you and your personality.

The huge jewels gathered at the neck , wrist or waist gleaming ,sparkling genuinely made me to question “ What I see in metal neckplate “ . In the context to answer …I don’t know something is fascinating about metal trims or metal neckplates apart from just being displayful.

They are wearable , there’s something amazing about their creativity like beaten from a noble metal ,spewed from the furnace of grace and paved with gold leaf . A metal trim folded into whorls of rose with teeny weeny sparkling stones in the center and stem  twisted to wear around the neck that holds every bit in a sequence . Some pieces bloom into jewelled petals and supported with whorl of gold leaves and some metal trims finished with flowers on both ends.

On the other hand some pieces look architectural . A central jewel embedded into rectangle , glued in tiny sparkling stones that subdivides into additional architectural shapes.All I can say is “ Beautiful and Feminine in splash of gold and silver , black metal and silvery grey.

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