Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pamper to recreate Fashion Outfit

 The LookBook recreates little taste of late Mrs. Beetons Needlework.
The lookbook fashion blogger confesses of getting attracted by facsimile edition of Mrs. Beeton’s needlework . Living in modern age and tasting elegant Victorian era can make anybody to jump in joy specially if you have interest in crafts of needlework. I am not talented fashion enthusiast nor specialist in fashion . Mrs. Beetons book is of immense talent . Such books of talent pamper to share in blog posts on regular basis .Fashion blog readers who are in touch with my official web the lookbook info have seen in my today’s fashion post a design idea inspired by mere one needlework instruction of Mrs. Beeton. For if you have missed it no need to worry for its just one click away to browse . Click here to check out Needlework Art for today in fashion of its own .

In this part of my fashion blog post I am just blogging instructions to follow for scallop needlework I have used in my design idea for a neckline. I have made a pattern in scallop stitch for a round neckline as well as for any other style wherever it fits really. This design idea is available for free download from my lookbook blogspot which you can use to recreate your old top or dress with round neck or different version .

To prepare a scallop stitch normally its best to take thick thread count . I prefer two or three thread counts and then going through the trace in short running stitch and just filling it up with simple chain stitch. I tried keeping thin scallops so that single chain stitch fills it up. So if you want to try it out let me know by posting comments on the lookbook. Recreate your top or dress by following these steps.

Step 1. Trace the outlines in short straight stitches or running stitch.
Step 2. Keep the corner stitches particularly short.
Step 3. Fill the space between the outlines with chain stitch.
Step 4. Keep following the simple two stitches instructed above .
Step 5. Your pattern is ready to rock.

Remember these are just the instructions for scallop stitch and not instructions for transferring the design on the cloth. For more technical details its best to Google it .

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